Cladding Geelong & Ballarat

Walkers stock one of the largest cladding ranges in Geelong and Ballarat. Whether your project is big or small, indoor or outdoor we have the best cladding product range and services. Our range of affordable cladding options includes lightweight cladding, walling systems, pre-finished wall panels, horizontal or vertical panels, and all provided with the best cladding installation services in Ballarat and Geelong.

Cladding Benefits

Cladding is a long lasting, low maintenance and convenient renovation and building solution, and we stock a wide range of products at competitive prices to suit all budgets. Cladding has many benefits, both interior and exterior including:

  • Ultra-modern contemporary appearance and stylish finish
  • Pre-finished panels for fast and easy installation
  • Extensive range of smooth, textured and profile surface finishes to choose from
  • All panels are protected with anti-staining and self-cleaning functions to maintain a clean appearance all year round
  • Offers a more cost effective solution to other material options
  • Provides suitable installation in high risk areas such as bush fire zones and coastal areas.

Designer Cladding

Walkers are proud to stock the Cemintel Designer Series pre-finished walling systems, delivering outstanding exterior cladding solutions for lightweight timber and steel stud framed applications. Find out more about our Designer series here.

Cladding Installation Services

Our team of professional cladding installers can complete any large or small job including apartments, architectural homes, unit developments, new houses, extensions and renovations. Use Walkers to finish your project to the highest professional standard at an affordable price.

Drive Through Trade Centre or Delivery Service

Conveniently located in Ballarat, our drive-through Trade Centre can handle all your cladding needs under the one roof. Our trade centre is run by highly skilled professional staff members who can give you advice on an entire product range. We make sure you get in and out with what you need, so you can get back to the jobsite as soon as possible.

At Walkers we know how important it is to have your materials on time, that’s why we also offer our delivery service to all our customers. Having our own delivery fleet ensures your delivery is on site, when you need it.

Competitive Pricing

Walkers pride ourselves on old fashioned service, expert advice and competitive pricing. We know how important it is to stay within budget on any project, whether large or small. That’s why we offer our customers competitive pricing on all our cladding products and services.

Contact us with an enquiry or arrange a quote

If you would like further information on our cladding services, or you would like to book in for a cladding quote, please don’t hesitate to contact the professional and friendly team at Walkers today.

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